Round Robin Assign Single Item

Assign a single item to a user via a round robin queue

Assigns an item to a user associated with a Gradient Works Queue. The item may be of any type (e.g. Account, Lead, etc). The assignment is performed immediately.

You can access the results of the assignment attempt in the Assignment object included in the output. It will include information about if the assignment completed successfully or if there was an error as well as information about the user that received the item. You can use this Assignment object as an input to other actions such as Send Single Assignment Email or Send Slack Message.

If you specify a capacity using Set Item Capacity, that value will be used in capacity calculations when assigning the item to a user. For example, if you specify a value of 5, users must have an available capacity greater than or equal to 5 to be eligible for assignment. If no capacity is specified, we assume a null capacity value for the item and do not perform any capacity calculations during assignment.





Information about the assignment, including who the item was assigned to

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