Mass transfer accounts to reps that match their target books

Distributions allow you to use specific criteria to mass transfer accounts to individual reps or reps in a specific target book. Distributions replace manual mass account assignment processes that are typically done with spreadsheets and data loader.

Distributions are a core part of dynamic books. Regular distributions allow you to provide reps with high quality accounts that meet their target book criteria.

Managing distributions

Under "Distributions" in the left nav, there are 3 options:

  • Upcoming - access upcoming scheduled distributions

  • Past - access distributions that have already executed

  • Templates - access reusable distribution templates

Creating a distribution

The "New Distribution" screen has three parts:

  • Distribution Details - configure information about the name, type, source and recipients of your distributions

  • Prioritization - Configure how to rank the accounts to be distributed

  • Advanced - Add addition criteria to select accounts to distribute (beyond what is set in Enrollment Criteria and TB segments) and/or select if you want to update fields on the account record (such as Distribution Date or similar) with the Distribution is run.

Distribution details

This section contains the following fields:

  • Distribution Name - name your distribution (it will automatically default to the time that you clicked “New Distribution”)

  • Distribution Type - choose how to allocate accounts

    • A Fixed Amount Per Rep - distribute accounts until each rep's book is full or they have received the specified amount of accounts

    • Top Off By Target Book - distribute accounts to align reps’ books as closely as possible with their target book capacities

  • Source - select the user to pull the accounts from to distribute. Choose "Account Pool" if you've configured your Account Pool user(s) and want to distribute unassigned accounts.

  • Recipients - choose who will receive the distributed accounts

    • Specific Reps (By Name) - distribute accounts to specific users using "Add Reps"

    • Specific Reps (By Target Book) - distribute accounts to all reps associated with one or more target books using "Add Target Books"


In this section, specify order in which to distribute eligible accounts.


In this section, specify any additional criteria you want to use to select the accounts to distribute. Common uses for this might be to distribute accounts from a specific marketing campaign, tradeshow, or event.

Distribution criteria, enrollment criteria and target books

Distribution criteria are combined with enrollment criteria to determine which accounts are eligible for distribution. To be eligible for assignment for a specific target book segment, an account must also match the criteria in that target book segment. Distributions will never assign accounts to a rep that do not match their target book.

Additionally in this section, specify any fields to update on the account record you want to update when this distribution is run. Some examples might include stamping a field with the time the distribution ran or updating an additional ownership field with a new user.

Execute the distribution

Click "Next: Schedule". If you check "Save as template" this will save the current configuration as a template for later use.

The Schedule Distribution dialog will appear. You can choose to schedule the distribution or "Run Immediately". If you choose "Run Immediately" and click "Next: Preview", you'll be taken to the preview screen.

Previews are not available for scheduled distributions and can only show a maximum of 1000 accounts.

The preview shows you which accounts will be distributed to which reps and which target book segments the accounts matched.

Click "Distribute Now" to execute the distribution.

Distribution algorithm

When distributing to multiple reps either directly or through target books, distributions use a round robin assignment process to keep books equitable. The basic logic is as follows (the actual process is more complex to stay within Salesforce's governor limits):

  1. Determine eligible accounts for distribution (enrolled accounts that match distribution and target book criteria)

  2. Order the eligible accounts based on the specified ranking criteria

  3. Assign each account to a rep in a round robin fashion (using the ownership field defined by the rep's target book)

    • Note: target book segments will be prioritized in the order in which they are configured during setup (e.g. segment 1 accounts will be distributed until capacity is reached or supply is exhausted. If neither occurs, accounts from segment 2 will be distributed, and so on)

  4. Update any account fields specified in "Account Fields to Update" (if applicable)

  5. Continue distributing accounts until either capacities or the defined amount of accounts (for fixed amount distributions) is reached or supply is exhausted

Distributions prioritize target book capacity over segment capacity. Once a rep's book has reached target book capacity but not capacity for all segments, Distributions will not assign additional accounts to the rep, even if there are eligible accounts to distribute that match the reps segment.

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