User Availability Status

Temporarily exclude users from assignment if they're out of the office

There are certain scenarios where you don't want users to receive assignments from a particular Queue. Whether it's vacation or an extended time away from the office, you can manage that easily via the Gradient Works Queue User Page.

To get to the Gradient Works Queue Users Page, go to the Queues tab and select a queue. Click on the name of the user you'd like to update under the "Queue Users" section. If you don't see the user you want to edit, click "View All".

These instructions only change the user's status for a single queue. If a user belongs to multiple queues, you can update all their queue memberships via Users.

To make the user unavailable, do the following:

  1. Click Edit in the top right corner

  2. Change Status to "Unavailable"

  3. Set "Unavailable Until"

    • Leave this blank to skip the user until you manually change their status back to "Available"

    • Specify the date and time they'll be returning to the office. Gradient Works will automatically skip them until that time at which point they'll be automatically eligible for new assignments.

  4. Click Save

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