Transfer accounts from reps to a holding user or other reps

Retrievals allow you to remove accounts from reps and assign them to another user, usually a "holding user" that owns unassigned accounts. This allows you to create a pool of accounts which can be used for distributions.

Retrievals are a core part of dynamic books. Regular retrievals enable a use-it-or-lose-it approach to account engagement. If reps aren't engaging with their assigned accounts, retrieve and redistribute them.

Managing retrievals

Under "Retrievals" in the left nav, there are 3 options:

  • Upcoming - access upcoming scheduled retrievals

  • Past - access retrievals that have already executed

  • Templates - access reusable retrieval templates

Creating a retrieval

The "New Retrieval" screen has two parts:

  • Retrieval Details - configure information about the retrieval including who will be the new owner of the retrieved accounts

  • Accounts to Retrieve - configure which accounts to look for in the retrieval, how they'll be ranked and any updates to perform

Retrieval details

This section contains the following fields

  • Retrieval Name - a memorable name for the retrieval (it will automatically default to the time that you clicked "New Retrieval")

  • Ownership Field - the user lookup field on account to use for designating ownership (defaults to the standard OwnerId field).

  • New Owner - the user to specify as the owner (using the "Ownership Field") of the accounts after they're transferred. If you have an Account Pool configured, you can choose to this as the new owner.

  • Retrieve Accounts From (Optional) - select which users to retrieve accounts from.

    • Specific Reps (By Name) - use "Add Reps" to specify the specific Salesforce users to retrieve accounts from. Users must be associated with a target book.

    • Specific Reps (By Target Book) - use "Add Target Books" to select one or more target books, making all users associated with the selected book(s) eligible for retrieval

If no reps or target books are selected, the retrieval will consider all users in Salesforce as eligible for the retrieval (but only accounts that meet Enrollment Criteria will be eligible to be retrieved).

Accounts to retrieve

Set "Max Retrieval Amount (Optional)" if you would like to only retrieve a certain number of accounts. Otherwise, leave it blank to retrieve all accounts owned by the specified users that match the retrieval criteria.

Specify the criteria accounts must meet to be included in the retrieval, the ranking to specify the order in which to retrieve accounts and any fields to update as accounts are transferred.

Execute the retrieval

Click "Next: Schedule". If you check "Save as template" this will save the current configuration as a template for later use.

The Schedule Retrieval dialog will appear. You can choose to schedule the retrieval or "Run Immediately". If you choose "Run Immediately" and click "Next: Preview", you'll be taken to the preview screen.

Previews are not available for scheduled retrievals and can only show a maximum of 1000 accounts.

The preview shows you which accounts will be retrieved from and who the new owner will be.

Click "Retrieve Now" to execute the retrieval.

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