Manage Users' Queue membership and availability all in one place in the Users tab. You'll be able to see who is currently assigned to Queues and their availability in those Queues as well as add and remove Users from Queues.

The list defaults to displaying only those Users who are already assigned to Queues. You can change the filter from 'Users in Queues' to 'All Users' to see all of your Users regardless of Queue membership.

User Profile

Click on a User from the listing in the Users tab to view details about their Queue membership and availability status for each Queue they are assigned to. You will be able to manage availability for individual Queues or all Queues from this page as well as add and remove the User from Queues.

GW Rep Availability widget

Add the "GW Availability Widget" to any Lightning Page to allow Users to control their Queue availability themselves. In addition to adding this widget to a Lightning Page, you will also need to assign the "Gradient Works Rep" permission set to the User.

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