Transfer Accounts

Use Bookbuilder to manage account ownership
Bookbuilder makes is easy to mass update account ownership. You can transfer accounts based on rules that you specify without spreadsheets and with full change tracking. You can reuse configurations with templates and even schedule transfers to fully automate the process.
The account transfer capabilities in Bookbuilder are based on dynamic books principles.
The dynamic books process combines a capacity-constrained target book with ongoing distributions of high-quality accounts to "top off" rep books and retrievals to enforce "use-it-or-lose-it" rules of engagement. This ensure reps stay focused on working the best accounts at all times.
There are two ways to mass transfer accounts in Bookbuilder:
  • Distributions allow you to transfer accounts to individual reps or to all reps in a target book while respecting their target book criteria and capacity.
  • Retrievals allow you to transfer accounts away from individual reps or all reps in a target book based on criteria that you specify. Doing so will free up capacity in the reps' target book that can be filled with future distributions.

Replacing account spreadsheets

Distributions and retrievals replace the process of building Salesforce reports, exporting them to Excel or Google Sheets, updating ownership fields and then re-importing using data loader.
Both distributions and retrievals allow you to define criteria to specify the relevant accounts and execute ownership changes within Salesforce without the need to manipulate a spreadsheet.

Relationship with target books

Target Books describe the kinds of accounts reps should own, but just defining a target book doesn't automatically cause accounts to move in and out or reps' names. To adjust reps' books, you use distributions to proactively transfer accounts that meet certain criteria into reps' books and retrievals to remove accounts from reps' books.
Target books define how things should be, distributions and retrievals help you make it that way.

Getting started

Start transferring accounts by setting up your first distribution and retrieval.
Core Concepts
Before running your first distributions or retrievals, review the building blocks of account transfers.
Transfer accounts to your reps that match their target book criteria. No spreadsheets required.
Make sure your reps cover their accounts with an automated use-it-or-lose-it process.

Optimizing your process

Once you've mastered the basics of transferring accounts with distributions and retrievals, save time with more advanced configuration.
Save time with reusable configurations for distributions and retrievals.
Configure now, run later. Put distributions and retrievals on autopilot.