Account Coverage

Pipeline starts with account coverage.

Account Coverage equips sales leaders and managers with the intelligence they need to keep reps focused on their best accounts while also identifying and closing market coverage gaps.

The dynamic books process maximizes account coverage by ensuring reps stay focused on a target book of the best accounts in the market. Effective execution requires visibility into rep coverage behaviors as well as the ability to identify high-quality accounts in the market that require improved coverage.

Account engagement

Successful account coverage starts with reps actually communicating with contacts at accounts through different types of sales outreach: email, phone, LinkedIn, etc. Gradient Works assumes these activities are tracked in Salesforce as tasks or events. Most sales engagement platforms like Salesloft or Outreach do this automatically. You can configure the activities that matter to you using working activities.

Market coverage

Ever experienced the pain of finding out a competitor closed a great account only to find that no one one your team ever even reached out? Or maybe you've tried to focus on a particular market segment with minimal success. If so, then market coverage is for you.

Market coverage enables you to create groups of accounts based on filter criteria. Quickly see who’s responsible for creating pipeline, diagnose coverage gaps and redirect resources to improve coverage via distributions or retrievals.

Rep coverage

Ever needed to figure out why your reps aren't producing the pipeline required to hit your number even though they seem to be putting in the work? Or maybe you've had a rep with a large book ask for more accounts but you're petty sure they're not working the ones they have? If so, then rep coverage is for you.

Rep coverage enables sales managers to see at a glance how their reps are covering their assigned accounts. Use this information to coach reps to focus on the right accounts, meet your organization's activity level requirements and do the most effective kinds of outreach.

Getting started

Account coverage is based on rep activity. To get started, set up working activities. After that, dive into market coverage and rep coverage to start driving more pipeline.

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