What to do if you see retrieval or distribution errors

If you're a Gradient Works customer with an issue or you have questions about how to properly tune distributions and retrievals for your org, let us know. Contact your CSM directly or email

Let's face it, Salesforce is a complicated beast. Many of us have Salesforce orgs with lots of extra fields, some crufty data as well as more triggers and automations than we care to admit.

The first time you run a distribution or a retrieval you may see an error, especially if you have a lot of data validations or automations that run when an account is updated. This type of issue can usually be fixed by adjusting the batch size of the account transfer process.

To tune this, go to "Settings" in the left nav and expand "Distribution and Retrieval Processing".

Adjust the following settings and click "Save Changes".

  • Async Threshold - controls when Bookbuilder decides to run the transfer process as a Salesforce batch job vs running it immediately. This setting exists because small distributions can complete faster if they're run immediately (synchronously). If you're seeing errors even on small distributions, set this number lower. Start with 100 and work your way down.

  • Batch Size - controls how many accounts Bookbuilder attempts to process in a single batch transaction. Tuning this setting higher will allow large distributions and retrievals to run faster but will make the process more likely to hit governor limits. If you're running into problems with your transfers due to errors with triggered automations, try reducing this number. Start with 100 and work your way down.

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