Match, route, assign and take action on any Salesforce record

The Gradient Works Routing module allows you to do lead matching and routing as well as assignment of any Salesforce object to any user. Workflows are implemented inside Flow using custom actions. This documentation provides a reference for using Gradient Works Routing.

Getting Started

To get started, open the Gradient Works app from the Salesforce App Switcher. The app has six tabs:

  • Dashboard - Provides a comprehensive look at assignments made in the last 30 days.

  • Automation - Access to all routing Flows that have been enhanced with Gradient Works capabilities.

  • Automation Executions - Provides access to all of the recent executions of your Gradient Works automations.

  • Users - Manage the Users assigned to Queues and their availability

  • Queues - The queues you've configured to assign users

  • Assignment Histories - A log of all assignments performed by Gradient Works whether via queues or direct assignment

  • Log Entries - Information logged by Gradient works for debugging and auditing purposes

  • Capacity Meters - The capacity meters you've configured

  • Settings - Provides access to the Gradient Works Cloud and our offered integrations as well as some basic package information and settings

Next, you'll probably want to set up some queues to do assignment. After that, you'll want to dive into Flow to set up routing automation.

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