How to Use the "Is In" Operator

Check if the value of a field is contained in a list of values

This operator works best on pick-list and text type fields.

Basic Usage

To get started, create a list of values you want to check for in your desired field. For example, if you want to see if the Accounts's Billing Country is in North America for an account distribution, you could set up criteria using the "Is In" operator as below:

  1. Select BillingCountry as the Account Field

  2. Select the Is In operator

  3. Enter each country name separated by a comma

Is Not In

This operator can also be used to be sure that a field on the account does not equal a set of values by adding custom logic.

For example, you might want to go a step further from the example above and make sure that accounts are in North America and the account source is not "Partner" or "Event."

The steps to accomplish this are as follows:

  1. Select AccountSource in the Account Field

  2. Select the Is In operator

  3. Enter "Partner" and "Event" separated by a comma (e.g. Partner, Event)

  1. Add custom Logic by clicking the dropdown under "Distribution Criteria" and select "Custom Condition Logic Is Met".

  1. Enter logic so that Condition 1 is met and Condition 2 is not met: 1 AND NOT(2)

Now you have 2 Conditions:

  • Condition 1 looks to see if the Billing Country is United States, Canada, or Mexico

  • Condition 2 looks to see if the Account Source is Partner or Event.

By adding custom logic, you have created criteria where Billing Country must be United States, Canada, or Mexico AND Account Source must NOT be either Partner or Event.

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