Rep Coverage

Understand how reps cover their accounts and identify coaching opportunities
Rep coverage enables sales managers to see at a glance how their reps are covering their assigned accounts. Use this information to coach reps to focus on the right accounts, meet your organization's activity level requirements and do the most effective kinds of outreach.
All activity metrics in rep coverage are based on completed activities categorized as working activities. Accounts and account metrics in the reports are based on current ownership and will not include accounts reps previously owned even if they engaged that account during the specified time period.

Accessing rep coverage

Click "Reps" under "Coverage" in the left nav to access the summary rep coverage report.

Summary report

The summary report gives you a high-level view of the actual book size and composition for your reps. It also provides a view of key engagement metrics for each rep.
Rep coverage summary
Success tip
If the "Accounts Per Rep" chart is very uneven for reps associated with the same target book, consider doing a distribution to top off reps that don't have enough accounts or a retrieval to remove accounts from reps with too many accounts. Using Bookbuilder's account transfer tools on a regular basis ensures that rep books stay balanced.
The rep coverage summary report has three major components:
  • The "Viewing" rep filter - select a target book from the "All Books" dropdown or search for reps to limit your view to a specific set of reps.
  • Book composition chart ("Accounts Per Rep") - shows you numbers of accounts owned by each rep broken down by "On Book" (meets the rep's associated target book criteria) and "Off Book" (does not meet the rep's associated target book criteria)
  • Rep listing - shows each rep based on your "Viewing" filter with key summary information about their book and account engagement.
Using the Manage Fields capability, you can select the book composition & engagement metrics you want to analyze and compare for your reps. You can choose engagement metrics for all accounts, "on book" accounts, or "off book" accounts.
Use manage fields to select engagement metrics for all accounts, on book accounts, or off-book accounts.
Click on a rep's name in the rep listing to view the detail report for that rep.

Detail report

The detail report allows you to view the coverage information in detail for particular rep.
Rep coverage detail for Chloe Closer
Use the "Viewing" filter in the top left of the header to change the date range for the report. You can also quickly jump from one rep to another by using the "Rep" filter in the right of the overview section.

Account Engagement Overview section

This section provides a summary of the rep's account coverage activities across their book.
Success tip
Ensure reps routinely engage with a large percentage of their book. We recommend at least 75% every 30 days. Hold reps accountable for both activities per account and a number of contacts reached. Minimal activity levels or single-threaded outreach are rarely successful at generating pipeline.
  • Total Owned - the number of accounts the rep owns based on their associated target book's ownership field.
  • Engagement - the percentage of owned accounts where the rep has logged at least one working activity during the time range of the report.
  • Activities Completed - the average number of activities the rep has logged per engaged account.
  • Contacts Reached - the average number of contacts the rep has logged an activity for on engaged accounts.

Engagement Gaps section

This section summarizes how many accounts the rep has not enagaged during the report period. This means that the rep has not logged a single working activity for the account.
Success tip
If reps are engaging a significant number of off-book accounts, verify why they're working those accounts. You may need to coach the rep to stay focused on their book or consider expanding your target book definition to encompass all the rep's responsibilities.
  • Off Book engaged - The number of accounts that do not match the rep's associated target book which the rep has engaged.
  • Target Book Unengaged - The number of accounts that do match the rep's associated target book which the rep hasn't engaged.

Account Summary section

This section provides a view of rep engagement across all their owned accounts.
Success tip
Change the displayed columns to show your key account prioritization fields (e.g. score, tier or buying stage) alongside the engagement metrics. Sort the list by your priority metrics and discuss it with reps if they're not fully engaging those accounts. We recommend that you coach reps to spend more energy engaging with high-value activities and multi-threading with their top accounts.
The "Engaged" tab shows accounts that have had at least one working activity logged during the time period of the report. The "Unengaged" tab shows accounts that have not had any working activities logged during the specified time period.
By default, the columns in the report are as follows:
  • Account - the name of the account and a link to the Salesforce record view
  • Fits Target Book? - Yes or No depending whether or not the account fit's the rep's associated target book criteria
  • Activities Completed - the total number of working activities completed by the rep on the account during the specified time period
  • Working activities columns - a column for each of your configured working activities

Changing Activity Summary columns

You can change the fields displayed in the "Account Summary" table of the report by clicking "Manage Fields". This will open the "Manage Fields" dialog.
Manage Fields dialog
Select the fields you would like to include in the report from "All Account Fields" on the left, moving them to the "Fields to Display" section on the right. You may choose any field on the account object as well as any working activities category to display.