Build powerful automations powered by Salesforce Flow and our ABK

Gradient Works matching, routing and assignment workflows use Salesforce Flow. Flow is built into every edition of Salesforce and allows you to automate business processes using a drag and drop interface. If you're not familiar with Flow, Salesforce offers a number of Trailhead tutorials that will have you up and running in no time.

Flows consist of building blocks that perform specific actions such as retrieving data, executing business logic or displaying content to users. Gradient Works integrates directly into Flow by providing our Automation Builder Kit (ABK) which includes more than 30 actions.


Each Automation is powered by a Salesforce Flow. You can access automations from the Automation tab in the Gradient Works Routing module.

This tab shows you all Flows that use any Gradient Works ABK actions. In this listing you'll see:

  • Label - The name of the Flow-based automation

  • Type - The Flow type of the automation (e.g. Screen, Record-Triggered, Autolaunched)

  • Object - For Record-Triggered automations, the Salesforce object that can trigger the Flow to execute

  • Active Version - The version number of the active version of the Flow

  • Latest Version - The highest version number of the Flow. This may differ from the active version if there are draft versions of the Flow

To create a new Flow-based automation, click New. You will be prompted to choose from one of the built-in Gradient Works automation templates or to create a new Flow from scratch.

Tracing and Debugging

When you build automations using Flow Lifecycle and Logging actions, Gradient Works provides tools to help you debug issues and trace the execution of your automations. Learn more about automation executions and log entries.

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