Getting Started

Gradient Works works with the tools you use to work

Your work doesn't just happen in Salesforce. Gradient Works connects with the messaging, calendaring and sales engagement tools you already use to help you automate more tasks.

For example, you can use these integrations and the ABK to build an inbound lead automation that matches the lead to an account, converts it, sends a Slack message to your #sales channel @-mentioning the account owner and then automatically enrolls that new contact into a Salesloft cadence.

Gradient Works Cloud

All integrations require that you first authenticate with Gradient Works Cloud. This allows Gradient Works' cloud services to securely connect the Gradient Works managed package hosted in Salesforce with 3rd party applications.

To obtain your Gradient Works Cloud login, please contact your CSM via Slack or by emailing

To log into Gradient Works Cloud, go to the Gradient Works Routing app in the Salesforce app switcher and click on the "Settings" tab.

Click "Log In". Your Gradient Works CSM will have provided you a temporary password. The first time you authenticate, you'll be prompted to reset your password.

Connecting Integrations

Gradient Works integrations fall into 3 categories: messaging, calendars and sales engagement. Once you're logged into Gradient Works Cloud, you will see active buttons beside each integration. Click these to connect a particular integration. See the help page for each individual integration for more details.


The Slack integration allows you to send data-rich messages to Slack channels or a direct messages to individuals.


Only one calendar integration may be active at once.

Connect with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 to enable automations that schedule meetings on your reps' calendars.

Sales engagement

Only one sales engagement integration may be active at once.

Connect with either Salesloft or Outreach to automate the process of enrolling prospects into sales engagement cadences.

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