Save time with reusable configurations for distributions and retrievals

Templates allow you to managed saved configurations that you can use to create new pre-configured distributions or retrievals without having to start from scratch each time.

Templates work the same for both distributions and retrievals; the only difference is in the available configuration fields. The screenshots below refer to distributions, but apply to retrieval templates as well.

Managing templates

Access the templates listing from the left nav under either "Distributions" -> "Templates" or "Retrievals" -> "Templates".

Creating templates

From the listing screen, click "New Template" to create a new template.

When creating a template, you provide all the same configuration details as you would when you create a distribution or retrieval. Once you're done, you have two options:

  • Save and Exit - This will save the template for later use

  • Save and Use - This will save the template for later use and immediately use the template to create a new distribution or retrieval, respectively

Editing templates

To edit a template, click the template name in the listing, update the configuration and use one of the save buttons to save. Click "Cancel" to abandon any edits.

Other actions

  • Configure - edit the template

  • Use Template - create a distribution or retrieval from this template

  • Duplicate - create a copy of this template

  • Delete - remove this template

Using templates

When you use a template to create a new distribution or retrieval, it will pre-populate that distribution or retrieval with the same configuration as the template.

Edits made to the distribution or retrieval created from the template will not modify the template and vice-versa.

There are three ways to use a template to create a distribution or retrieval:

  • Click "Save and Use" when creating or editing a template

Templates use cases

Use a template for any account transfer process that you may need to do repeatedly. There are no limits on the number of templates, so create as many as you like to save any configuration you think you might need again in the future.

Some examples use cases for templates include:

  • Routine top-off distributions - Create a pre-configured top-off distribution to run weekly or monthly to a set of Target Books (See Scheduling to completely automate the process).

  • Routine retrievals of unengaged accounts - Create a pre-configured retrieval to pull back accounts that haven't been engaged recently (See Scheduling to completely automate the process).

  • Sales play distributions - Create a template that contains standard criteria you might use in a sales play. For example, you could create a template that only includes accounts from a specific industry. When you use the template to create the distribution, you could update the industry criteria to include specific ones you want to target.

  • Offboarding a leaving rep - Create a retrieval template that retrieves all of the rep's accounts and distributes them back to a pool user.

  • Onboarding a new rep - Create a template that provides an initial set of accounts for a new rep to work

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