CRM Import

Use AI Market Map data to enrich your CRM data
Market Map provides two core datasets in CSV format that you can import into your CRM:
  • accounts.csv - This file contains the enriched account information including scores, tiers and associated clusters for each account.
  • accounts-similar.csv - This file contains the similarity graph. Each row contains a mapping between an account and another account identified as similar.

Data format


The accounts file contains a row for each account in the data submitted for Market Map analysis. If Market Map was unable to process an account, it will not be included in the accounts file.
The CRM id you provided in the CRM export
The account score (0-100)
The account tier (1-5, with 1 being the best)
The numeric id of the cluster the account was assigned to (-1 means no cluster)
The name of the cluster the account was assigned to

Similar Accounts

The similar accounts file will typically list no more than 10 similar accounts per primary account. The AI model will not include any accounts beyond a certain similarity threshold, so all similar accounts should be considered quite similar to the primary account.
The CRM id of an account
The CRM id of accounts identified as similar to the primary account
A decimal value indicating how similar the primary is to the similar. Smaller is better but you can usually ignore this in favor of distance_bin.
A value between 1 and 5 that describes how similar the two accounts are. 1 is most similar but 5 is still quite similar.

Data import

Data import and retention is subject to your license agreement with Gradient Works. Please contact your CSM if you have questions.
The data import process differs based on your CRM. Note that since the files are CSVs you can import them into any system for further analysis that supports CSVs, such as a data warehouse, BI system or spreadsheet.
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