Use AI to refine your ICP and identify the best prospects to target

Market Map must be enabled in your Gradient Works account. If you are a current customer and have questions, please contact support@gradient.works.

Market Map leverages advanced AI algorithms to intelligently organize the accounts in your CRM. By analyzing each company's online presence, it identifies "clusters" of accounts that share similarities in their products, services, and target markets. It then scores your accounts based on how similar they are to your best customers, so you can prioritize the highest potential accounts for outreach.

How it works

Market Map is available in two forms: (1) hosted at app.gradient.works and (2) embedded natively in Salesforce via our Bookbuilder app. It includes the following functionality:

  • Market Map Explorer - a visualization that shows a "map" of your accounts based on similarity.

  • Market Map enrichment data - data you can use to prioritize accounts and run plays to microsegments.

  • Market Map list view - a table of the market "clusters" of accounts identified by Market Map. Only available in paid versions with SFDC integration support.

  • Similar Accounts Component - a custom Lightning component to add to account pages in SFDC to help reps with prospecting. Only available in paid versions with SFDC integration support.

The first step to using Market Map is to export data from your CRM and share with us so we can build a Market Map with your data.

After your Market Map is built, you can access the Market Map Explorer at app.gradient.works and export the Market Map data to your CRM. Additionally, based on your paid version of Market Map, you can access enhanced capabilities in the Salesforce Integration.

Market Map Explorer

The Market Map Explorer shows a map of your accounts, organized by their degree of similarity. Accounts that are closely positioned on the map offer similar products and services. Furthermore, the Market Map Explorer highlights naturally occurring market "clusters," grouping together accounts that share multiple similarities.

At app.gradient.works:

Market Map Explorer at app.gradient.works allows for navigating your map of accounts, and exploring the clusters Market Map has identified. You can toggle an overlay of customer accounts (shown as 'Xs') to see which market clusters you've had the most success.

In Bookbuilder:

The Market Map Explorer in Bookbuilder has similar functionality and controls as at app.gradient.works with the additional ability to switch to "List View" and use functionality based on each Market Map cluster.

Market Map enrichment data

The Market Map enrichment data includes two data sets:

  1. Market Map Account Data (accounts-export.csv) - dataset of accounts with Market Map score & cluster data.

  2. Similarity Graph (accounts-similar.csv) - dataset of account pairs, each with a distance rating indicating level of similarity. Smaller values for distance indicate a more similarity between the pair of accounts.

The Market Map Account Data can be exported to your CRM & used for territory planning, account scoring models, prospect prioritization, and ICP analysis. You need to complete exporting this data to Salesforce to enable the salesforce integration capabilities.

Market Map list view

Available on paid plans with SFDC integration in the Bookbuilder app.

Market Map list view in Bookbuilder provides a way to analyze go-to-market success by cluster to refine and hone your ICP. From this view, you can drill in to the accounts in each cluster and run a coverage report to analyze & optimize your team's coverage for a Market Map cluster. See more details.

Similar Accounts Component

Available on paid plans with SFDC integration.

The Similar Accounts component is a custom Lightning component you can add to an account page in Salesforce. It helps reps find similar accounts they can prospect into and surfaces similar customers they can reference in their outreach.

See more details.

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